Community-Based Monitoring System


CBMS provides support to researchers in developing countries in partnership with national to develop, pilot-test, and institutionalize a community-based poverty monitoring system. Support provided to CBMS research partners extends to their participation in capacity-building workshops.

Dissemination and Advocacy

These activities are deemed vital in disseminating the findings of the research network to its stakeholders and getting feedback, fostering technical collaboration with current research and development partners, and in establishing linkages with new partners.

Collaboration with Non-Govn't/Govn't Institutions

These collaborations have not only ensured that the PEP-CBMS research addresses emerging development concerns and issues but has likewise generated financial contributions and advocacy support for scaling up CBMS initiatives.

CBMS provides

  • Local-level census of poverty indicators
  • Detailed measurement of many dimensions of poverty
  • Identification of households that are poor in each dimension
  • Systematic source of data

CBMS aims to design and pilot community-based systems for monitoring poverty in its multidimensional sense.

Further inquiries about the CBMS Network may be forwarded to:

Angelo King Institute (AKI) for Economic and Business Studies De la Salle University 10th Floor Angelo King International Centre Estrada Corner Arellano Streets, Malate Manila 1004, Philippines